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Laura Ling Shares the Ritual that Saved Her Life

She was so far from her family and was unsure whether she would ever return home. She was able to receive letters from home and knew that candlelight vigils were being held in the hope of seeing her safely returned, but in the midst of a tumultuous political climate, who know if that would happen? In the space of not knowing what her future would hold, Ling began a practice that would change her life forever. She shares her moving story here: Continue reading →


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  • I intend to believe in myself....and not let fear take over.

  • My intent is to release fear of what could be and be grateful for all that is. I will breathe and expect miracles.

  • I intend to believe in me...and value myself

  • I intend to Live in the NOW

  • I intend to let go of fear, judgement and ego.

  • Today I intend to help others without them having to ask.

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