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The Things Children See

It can be easy for parental duties to be just that- duties. You are responsible for every meal, the plan for every minute, all entertainment, all boogeymen, all of it. It is a big job. But don’t doubt that your children are taking in more than that. Continue reading →


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  • I intend to give thanks for everything that is and for the blessings the universe has in store for me. Sending love to you all

  • I choreograph as a I intend to dance my heart out

  • I intend every morning to say thank you for every thing I have

  • Today I intend to embrace imperfection as I go about today's "to do list". The universe has my back!

  • I intend to have all the energy I need to do the things I need to today! \ud83d\udcaa\ud83c\udffc

  • Today, I intend to walk my own path, see my own truth and acknowledge the light in everyone.

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