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Who Am I: A Pre-Thanksgiving Meditation & Gratitude Exercise

Before everything goes in the over, before you notice that the kids have all but erased any proof of your vacuuming job, before you fortify your mind to spend the day with your mother-in-law, take a moment to focus with us. Continue reading →


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  • I intend to strengthen my marriage and keep my family unified with no distractions or outside influences

  • I intend to always do the right thing and stand with integrity always

  • Today my intent is to spend time writing, walking 5 miles, resting and eating a healthy meal.

  • Today i intent to be grateful for all the intents i am reaching with success thanks Mallika Happy Thanksgiving Day

  • I intend to be grateful for Being alive and Conscious throughout the day.

  • My intent is to appreciate and love each member of my family for who they are

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