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Best Marriage Advice for Everyone

Most people believe that only those people who marry their soul mate have marriages that last.  A myth is that long marriages are the result of two people falling deeply in love and never losing that feeling.  Romance novels and romantic movies both show the same myth – that only those passionately in love have strong marriages.  The truth is far different.


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  • I will have happy and lively energy today

  • find the right way to share my knowledge without making a lesson how to be to the others

  • Each day I give thanks to God. I will have a smile on my face love in my heart and strong steps

  • My intent is to enjoy a fluid, happy, wondrous day...I make it so, no matter what happens! Love to you too.

  • I intend to spin on my bike this morning. Not in my head. And to ride into joy and healthy radiance.

  • I intend to destress my life

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