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Intent of the Day: Healing Words

Healing comes in many forms. In medication. In nature. With time and space. Today we explore the healing that comes from the words we receive and speak. As a culture, we’ve come to understand that words can harm. Telling a child that they’ll never grow up to be anything can have lasting implications and we can understand that correlation. But we don’t alway think about using our words with intention for positivity and healing. We don’t always consider how much we say that has no real nutritional value.


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  • I intend to be more present

  • To consider where my feelings are rooted, so I understand myself better. To share with my family, so they understand me.

  • I intend to show love and compassion in my actions today.

  • I intend to shatter self doubt with the power of love

  • Today my intent is to do something for myself.

  • My intent is to relinquish the need to defend my point of view.

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