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Mildly Medicated: HGH Therapy, Music and the Metamorphosis

Rocky Basile is the compact drumming dynamo behind the sound the Modern Rock Band Mildly Medicated. What do you get when you combine a lead singer with Hemophilia, a guitarist with ADD, a guitarist with diabetes, a bassist with Tourette’s, and a drummer on HGH therapy? You get the modern rock band Mildly Medicated. Against all possible odds, these uniquely talented young musicians from Monmouth County NJ found each other in 2012, all unaware that each of them had medical issues. It was only until they were discussing possible band names that they all realized that they shared a commonality.


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  • My intent is to go with the flow but don't drift from my own path.

  • Whatever arises, love that. - Matt Kahn

  • My intent is to take care of my body, mind and spirit so I may prolong my time in this body in this life.

  • Today, I intent to let go and forgive those who are searching for their own truth and enlightenment; I pray that they find it soon\u2764\ufe0f

  • My intent is to listen from my heart.

  • Stop putting myself down and telling myself I'm not smart or worthy.

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