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My Intent is to inspire the world to find love for themselves


The world is in alot of pain, we are seeking peace, but in order to have peace on a macro level we must first have it on a micro level- within ourselves. Forgiveness and love are the foundation of that peace. Once we have this ourselves for ourselves - giving it to others is easy.

How To Help:

Please help me spread this message by visiting my crowd funding campaign page and support me in making a funny, light hearted film about finding peace and happiness. The film is called "Killing Buddha" - you can visit my crowdfunding page here!



While distributing “What The Bleep Do We Know?!” I was honored to be able to travel the world to speak about my experience making “Bleep”. The most common question was “ how did a broke, out of work, spiritually unconscious, material Valley Girl who was into sex, tequila and expensive shoes ended up producing What the Bleep Do We Know!?,

Sometimes it takes the most unlikely of people in the most unusual circumstances to create something that touches the world like “Bleep” did. The story I told had a resonance with so many, that I decided to write a film about it.

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