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I intend to... turn the AUTHENTICITY intensity up to full.. and take energy off everything else. REMAINDER DIM!


Remainder Dim is a project I’ve initiated to inspire and celebrate authenticity and authentic creative expression. This is a new incarnation of deep authenticity work I’ve been engaging for many years.

Authenticity always starts and ends with self, so in this cyberspace I will track my exploration of what it truly means to be authentic in each moment.

Enlivened by my own experience of authentic being, I’ll also explore authenticity with others who feel drawn to be themselves fully at this time for their own benefit and for the benefit of all.

How To Help:

I'm exploring this powerful intent in many ways. One process is through my Tumblr Blog: Remainder Dim. I welcome you to join me there: http://remai...

I am delighted to be able to step up in alliance with those who feel called to deepen connection with their authenticity… and live joyous, vibrant, creative, loving, abundant lives.


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