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I intend to commit myself to a 30-day yoga practice, starting right now.


I've never done yoga 30 days consecutively and I truly want to feel the benefits. Not just physically, but the sense of commitment that is made when we truly honor ourselves. I want to prove to myself that I can commit not just to a yoga practice, but to any facet of true self-care. The most I've done is maybe a week straight before I start to make those same excuses, "just skip a day, sleep in, do it later, do it tomorrow..." I want to commit myself to at least the NEXT 30 DAYS. I know I can do this and will feel amazing, inside and out.

How To Help:

Through encouragement and sharing their own stories of achieving happiness through small goals as well. Please let me know how yoga has made you happy and fits into your life. I'd also love for others to ask me, "Have you done your yoga today?" (remind me of all my awesome yoga resources like also gentle reminders that if I only have 5 minutes, that's quite all right, then do yoga for 5 minutes. I must enjoy the journey and have fun(!) with any challenges.. Don't give up, just do yoga. If you live on Oahu, invite me to do yoga with you!


I am yoga-inspired by Tara Stiles and her book "Yoga Cures", Elena Brower, Erica Jago, Ashley Turner, and Gabrielle Bernstein. My cats, peace&quiet, a deep nap, my boyfriend's zen-flow, the sun and the rain are also huge inspirations. I am about to begin reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. I also LOVE Elena & Erica's presentation of The Art of Attention. The book isn't even out yet and is already inspiring me!


Hi guys! Well, guess what? Today is November 7th and 2 months ago I set my intent to do yoga every day for the next 30 days. I did! After that first 30 days, I set the intention to do another, and I did minus one day. It has been life-changing. I never put a time limit on my practice- it's anywhere from 5 minutes to 50. And with the assistance of Tara Stiles YouTube videos and her dvds, with a variety of teachers (although I indulged in Elena Brower's PM restorative practice a lot, one night I even fell asleep on my mat! lol) and now doing Kundalini with Tommy Rosen, I couldn't be happier. Some days I just "freestyle" it and put on some music, maybe some Moby, Kanye West or my girl DJ Colette and just do yoga to my own rhythm. Anyway, THANK YOU so much AND my supporters... honestly many days/evenings I would've just said "Eff it" if I didn't know you supported and believed in me. Now I believe in myself. I feel healthier, happier, calmer, and stronger. Many many poses to still get better at, my practice will be a lifetime-practice. But I can honestly say that got me on a steady yoga path, on and off the mat. Love you all. Namaste.

last year by Moni808

I appreciate every single one of my supporters! I love you guys and thank you for helping me to be accountable and believing in me. Honestly, I would've already made some excuse these last 3 days, but instead I know I put my intention for the world to see and it feels amazing to do what I say I WANT to do. Yoga is vital to my personal growth so, yes, I very much so appreciate all of your support, thank you ALL!

last year by Moni808

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