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I intend to do my best and be okay with that.


I'm too hard on myself. I get overwhelmed feeling that I'm not good enough to the point of even personalizing things way out of my control.


My best is all I can give and I will not allow the negativity of others to seep into my already dark soul.

2 years ago by Kerri

Your choice

2 years ago by beachgirl

I am not okay with my life right now. I'm running out of ideas for staying afloat. Maybe it's time to just let go.

2 years ago by Kerri

Even if you do not believe in the religious aspects, it is still true that all you can really do is try.

2 years ago by Kata-Strider

I had the very same problem. I always felt that I needed to be perfect. However, it's not that we need to be perfect, but that we need to grow and become more perfect. To illustrate, a person cannot climb a latter by jumping from the bottom to the top. They must climb step by step. So it is with our personal growth. I believe we are all sons and daughters of God and so you are good enough already, because you are one. The only thing you need to do is try, and keep trying. That's really all we can do. Just take the step you can take, and ask God to help you to improve. Then He will open opportunities for you to do so if trust Him.

2 years ago by Kata-Strider

This is the hardest thing of all. I never feel good enough.

2 years ago by Kerri

Your best is all that each moment asks for. Nothing less and nothing more, and only you get to decide what that is. Super duper awesome intent Kerri :) ~ Love Rooh

3 years ago by DaydreamOO

!!! A C E !!!

3 years ago by beachgirl

Good for YOU! I 2nd Bridget! You are enough!

3 years ago by Keithonwb25

Take it easy on yourself dear. It's time that you learn how to be a friend. Be a friend to yourself...she needs you.

3 years ago by JoAnnA_

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