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We intend to open the eyes, hearts and minds of philanthropists to take the next big leap in changing the world through philanthropy.


Unless we come together, have open discussions about philanthropy, and really look at what's working, what's not working, and how to engage the world, things will never change until we do. We have carefully selected speakers to inspire change.

How To Help:

Spread the word. We intend to have a PURE summit in every major market in Canada and the USA. Help us by sharing this idea with others.



Inspired by the TED conference format, and, where ideas and intentions can really change the world, we wanted to create a small, high-powered, and very open summit format to share new ideas in philanthropy and social change and connect the connectors. Our guest speakers range from Hugh Evans, who recently raised $1.3 Billion for the world's poor at a FREE concert in New York City, to Anjani Thomas, who has a new album coming out with Leonard Cohen and was featured on the original recording of Hallelujah.


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Thank you to for the fantastic support of our vision and intention to spread a message of philanthropy and innovation. If we keep philanthropy at the forefront of everything we do in our lives, there would be no reason to go to war, no reason to strike, no reason why a person should go hungry, and no reason for families to argue. Thank you Intent, keep up the good work!!!

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4 years ago by beachgirl

thanks you for the supports. let's try to change the world through philanthropy. The classical view of philanthropy—that the "love of what it is to be human" is the essential nature and purpose of humanity, culture and civilization—is intrinsically philosophical, containing both metaphysics and ethics. It asserts that our nature and purpose in life is educational—to make ourselves more fully humane through self-development, pursuing excellence (arete) of body, mind and spirit. The ancient Greek word for culture as education waspaideia. Paideia and "philanthropía were both later translated by the Romans into Latin by one word—significantly, humanitas.

4 years ago by paulkoidis

that's pretty sweet

4 years ago by JoAnnA.

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