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Last updated on Jan 25, 2013

Fulfilled on Jan 26, 2013


I intend to touch everything with my whole heart..


Facing with sheer honesty my unloving patterns and letting them go
Embracing what I fear the most
Taking decisive action to MOVE forward in Love and Light
so that my expression in this world is refined to more purely reflect the Love and Light that is the Divine essence of me/you/we...
and what I leave behind are heart prints in the sand.

The way to heal past karma is to ACT...boldly, lovingly, fearlessly


How To Help:

YOU always do...My friend Beachgirl, who inspires me to 'keep stretching', within to without...
and all my spiritual friends here at Intent (you know who you are)...who remind me every day to KEEP IT REAL!!!


"No half-heartedness and no worldly fear must turn us aside form following the light unflinchingly" J.R.R. Tolkien

And...my new driftwood Love sculpture...created yesterday from hurricane debris still washing up on the beach here at the Jersey Shore

And...all of y o u ...xxxxx

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I am done playing small...done with comparing myself to others...done with jealous feelings and defensive reactions that hold me back from growing and living loving fully and passionately...

Transformation happens the moment we become aware that something is unacceptable and in that moment, we choose better for ourselves...

Today, I'm choosing to g r o w ...!...!...!

last year


hmmm...Godzilla was a cult classic here when I was very young but presently one prefers the obtuse to the obvious as well...glad you enjoyed it, I probably would too x

last year by BridgetSoulflame

ps ... No @ godzilla ... Much more low key and obtuse ... maybe of little interest to those outside of japan ...x

last year by beachgirl

Thank YOU ReddsHappy Life...I'm glad you're here!!!

last year by BridgetSoulflame

thank you

last year by ReddsHappyLife

The update I wrote was intended for another intent...*oops*...

last year by BridgetSoulflame

Lav, that is awesome! I hope to read your book...please keep us posted. Thank you so much for your comment!!!

last year by BridgetSoulflame

thank you for your comment, I have missed all my friends here too, took a few months to finish a book....

last year by Lavndergreen

Julie...thank you for stopping in to support whole heartedly...I appreciate you!!! xxx

last year by BridgetSoulflame

Your whole Heart is everywhere, Bridget! <3 And we're in it with You! <3 ~ Sending Love to you, sweetie! ~ Julie

last year by julie-shanti

Mieke...Pamela K...thanks for your vote of confidence...it means alot!!!
Beachgirl...was 'Godzilla' mentioned in that off beat Japanese film lecture? Probably not! Just thought I'd ask...love you, sis!!! x

last year by BridgetSoulflame

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