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been knocked on my ass a time or two..


..and I'm still standin'

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Be your own best friend first.


treat me right


love love love

last year by JoAnnA_

Nice story Eugene ! ...reminds me of tai chi which used to be done fast as an offensive martial art but as the monks etc evolved spiritually, they slowed it down as there was more perceived spiritual power and inner growth benefits in mindful heart breathing and energetic flowing movements

last year by beachgirl

in case you're unfamiliar with the history, we Ukrainians have for millennia been a people content to simply live on our land and work it and enjoy the simple pleasures of that. but because Fate placed us on a piece of land that is rich in resources, many other people have tried for centuries to take our home from us and make it their own. when the Mongols marched across all of Asia wreaking havoc all the way, it was us who finally stopped them when King Danylo and his boys sent them packing back to where they came from. and the Cossacks were a group of guys from the mid-16th to the late 18th centuries who said "leave us the @#$%&*! alone. and if you can't, we're gonna make ya!" and they did. i was one of them. but now i fight with my heart.

last year by eugene

that's The Spirit! oh, btw . . . what's with all the "ass kickin'" and "bitch" talk all of a sudden here? i feel like i'm floating down the Dnipro River in a chaika with my Cossack brothers on the way to kick some Oppressor ass of our own. and LOVING IT!

last year by eugene

I concur -- I concur -- I

last year by AcceptingApplMuffn

I kick your ass up...cause that's the kinda Kick Ass woman I!

last year by pickle

...Joanna...what I love most about you perhaps is that you are willing to kick ass
(bit of a type first time around posting !)
first on gut intuition...and...
secondly, if necessary ......ask questions later kind of girl...x

last year by beachgirl

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