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Fulfilled on Jul 26, 2013


My Intent Celebrate this day and it's only 1:30pm...awesome ;-)


I have just returned from a 44km (return) bike ride with a basket containing 15 bags...The yoga studio that I have been working with took all of the bags on consignment as well as presenting me a cheque for $500.00, bags sold :-) I am now 1/4 of way way to Universe...I am so with you right it!!!!


Hard work, confidence and perseverance...I believe!!!


Thanks every-one :-) Beachgirl...between the heat of yesterday and the bike ride my ass was for 2 hrs and dreamt I was in a helicopter being chased and then dreamt I rescued a man from two phantom polar bears in raging water...whaaaatttt

last year by pickle

you are this day. celebrate you too! btw, you're already in Nepal. you're just catching up to your Self.

last year by eugene

Your life sounds so interesting. Namaste.

last year by Heylee

How did the rest of your day unfold sweetie...?

last year by beachgirl

Beautiful bicyclist biking bags of

last year by AcceptingApplMuffn

This is great dearest Cathy!!! Perseverance, I struggle and emerge, struggle and emerge and in the end I will survive!!

last year by heartphone

((( pickle ))) that is SO cool !!! Huge well done ... We've been travelling all day ... Sorry to be brief
!!! Yes !!!

last year by beachgirl

Ha...I am holding 10 yoga mat can't see it in the pic ;-)

last year by pickle

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