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my intent is to *live with passion*


the power, potential and presence in the crest of life's waves


thank you truly mysmugcat !

5 months ago by beachgirl

Wicked again

5 months ago by mysmugcat

((( Pickle *!!* Mieke *!!* Bridget w mr big toe *!!* ... your presence in this world makes all the difference !!! )))

9 months ago by beachgirl

Beachgirl...thank you for all the goodness, love and warmth I feel from you too...every day...love you girl!!!!! xxxxxxx

9 months ago by BridgetSoulflame


9 months ago by heartphone

Oh I believe you most certainly do that on a daily basis. The big move is this week!!! How fabulous for you. I am as excited for you as I am for me...hee-hee. I can't say enough about my gratitude for you here, inspiring in the most beautiful flow of love, always...deep breathes in and wooosh...let it all go!!! Much love xo!

9 months ago by pickle

Haylee...x...jeannie...I feel so much in transition leaving London this week... !!! OH !!! ...yet today I was rebooked for hawaii as the same date prev booked from London and I feel so good !!! all is renewed !!! ...and I jogged for an hour to refresh inner self !!! Thank you...your inner power and spirit inspires me more than you may know!

9 months ago by beachgirl

I witness you daily Beachy doing no other -- you inspire to the tippy, tippy tops of the Universe -- all in unconditional LOVE!

9 months ago by AcceptingApplMuffn

This first intent I saw this morning! Fabulous!!! What a way to start the day!! It is my wish, and has always been my wish, to live with passion. BTW - I love your photos as well. I am always drawn to the ocean.

9 months ago by Heylee

(((((((((((( thanks for all the goodness, love and warmth that has found me lately thank you ))))))))))))

9 months ago by beachgirl

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