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my intent is to *live with passion*


the power, potential and presence in the crest of life's waves


thank you truly mysmugcat !

11 months ago by beachgirl

Wicked again

11 months ago by mysmugcat

((( Pickle *!!* Mieke *!!* Bridget w mr big toe *!!* ... your presence in this world makes all the difference !!! )))

last year by beachgirl

Beachgirl...thank you for all the goodness, love and warmth I feel from you too...every day...love you girl!!!!! xxxxxxx

last year by BridgetSoulflame


last year by heartphone

Oh I believe you most certainly do that on a daily basis. The big move is this week!!! How fabulous for you. I am as excited for you as I am for me...hee-hee. I can't say enough about my gratitude for you here, inspiring in the most beautiful flow of love, always...deep breathes in and wooosh...let it all go!!! Much love xo!

last year by pickle

Haylee...x...jeannie...I feel so much in transition leaving London this week... !!! OH !!! ...yet today I was rebooked for hawaii as the same date prev booked from London and I feel so good !!! all is renewed !!! ...and I jogged for an hour to refresh inner self !!! Thank you...your inner power and spirit inspires me more than you may know!

last year by beachgirl

I witness you daily Beachy doing no other -- you inspire to the tippy, tippy tops of the Universe -- all in unconditional LOVE!

last year by AcceptingApplMuffn

This first intent I saw this morning! Fabulous!!! What a way to start the day!! It is my wish, and has always been my wish, to live with passion. BTW - I love your photos as well. I am always drawn to the ocean.

last year by Heylee

(((((((((((( thanks for all the goodness, love and warmth that has found me lately thank you ))))))))))))

last year by beachgirl

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