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  • My intent is to have success in my life
  • My intent is to insure a world of children awakened to their inherent sense of value and purpose
  • to test out the thank you messaging on intent

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Intent of the Day: Reflect and Reconnect

Did anyone else go home for the holiday and have the opportunity to dive head first into nostalgia? Revisiting old stomping grounds, coming across old yearbooks, bumping into old friends. ...

Inauguration Day: An Intent to March

Dear Friends, My intent tomorrow, Jan 21, is to participate in the Women’s March in Los Angeles. I am so inspired by the travels of so many of my family ...

Intent of the Day: Seek Wise Guidance

Who would you call your best friend? Who are your go-to’s when you have something tough to discuss? Since we’re no longer in grade school and since no one remembers ...

Intent of the Day: Sharing the Warmth

What exactly makes you feel at home? And what does home feel like? As tough as it can be going out your door, there’s something special about having a place ...