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  • My Intent is to help people to reparent themselves, find self love and be born again into the life they desire
  • My intent is to live in a world where compassion and caring are the universal language
  • My Intent is to educate people about what is happening in Burma/Myanmar

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Recent Articles

More than Love

Guest post by Kanika Sethi I am a big Beatles fan. In fact, right after the 2016 election, when people immediately starting forming “resistance” groups and gathering in protest outside ...

Living with Intent: 6 Steps to Living a Healthier, More Joyful & Purposeful Life

About two years ago, I approached my father (Deepak Chopra) with a confession. I told him I was generally exhausted, over caffeinated and my sugar addiction was out of control. ...

Doing the Inner Work for the Outer Work in a Suffering World

For the last 3 weeks, I participated in an intensive program at Teachers College (Columbia University) for my Masters in Psychology and Spirituality. During 9-hour days, we immersed ourselves in ...

Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully: Noticing and Choosing What You Want As You Grow Older A few months ago, I did a panel, and follow-up interview with Prevention Magazine (a magazine which I ...