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  • My Intent is to help people to reparent themselves, find self love and be born again into the life they desire
  • My intent is to live in a world where compassion and caring are the universal language
  • My Intent is to educate people about what is happening in Burma/Myanmar

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Recent Articles

Living with Intent: 6 Steps to Living a Healthier, More Joyful & Purposeful Life

About two years ago, I approached my father (Deepak Chopra) with a confession. I told him I was generally exhausted, over caffeinated and my sugar addiction was out of control. ...

Doing the Inner Work for the Outer Work in a Suffering World

For the last 3 weeks, I participated in an intensive program at Teachers College (Columbia University) for my Masters in Psychology and Spirituality. During 9-hour days, we immersed ourselves in ...

Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully: Noticing and Choosing What You Want As You Grow Older A few months ago, I did a panel, and follow-up interview with Prevention Magazine (a magazine which I ...

A New Intent: What Do You Ask For?

Intents come from our soul and represent who we aspire to be as individuals, members of our communities and citizens of Mother Earth. When we were young, my dad had ...