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  • My intent is to have success in my life
  • My intent is to insure a world of children awakened to their inherent sense of value and purpose
  • to test out the thank you messaging on intent

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What is your Wellfie? Jiyo is the new wellness site that is ask you to share your wellfie- an image that picture that captures the best version of who you ...

Intent of the Day: Tackle the Little Tasks

Procrastinating? If you’re like us, it’s possible that you aren’t running from a single huge task, but rather a hundred tiny tasks that have been hanging over you. The more ...

Intent of the Day: Savor the Little Moments

Savoring small moments doesn’t start and stop with an encouraging needlepoint pillow on your couch. It starts with intentional steps to slow down and capture something that might otherwise easily ...

Intent of the Day: Open to Change

Your schedule got turned on its head. Someone backed out at the last minute. You were going right and now you’re going left. Large or small, those last minute changes ...