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We are proud to announce that we are changing our company name from Intent Media. . . to <intent>!

Our business has evolved substantially, and it’s time our company name evolved, too. While the name is shorter, its meaning is broader – we aren’t only a media company, we’re also a data science company.

We started Intent Media to help travel commerce companies monetize non-converting traffic and decrease their reliance on Google. We created the first competitive ad units for travel – high yielding placements designed to safely exist in commerce environments.  Unheard of at the time we launched, these ads are now common practice and drive higher revenue-per-user for travel retailers around the world.

The real secret to the success of our ad programs is the machine learning behind them.

We’ve become the industry experts at predicting which users are going to buy, and which are still shopping around. It’s these real-time predictions that determine whether or not we show an ad, and which ad to show. Our data science platform has always underpinned our ability to serve highly competitive ads while minimizing the risk of transaction cannibalization.

As our predictive capabilities grew, it became clear that advance knowledge of who is going to buy – and who is not – has an almost unlimited number of highly strategic applications, well beyond media decisioning. So, we’ve expanded our Predictive Intelligence Platform, made our predictions available in real-time for our partners, and introduced new applications for traffic acquisition and site personalization. And we’re working with our partners on even more applications and capabilities.

Our media business is growing quickly and we will continue our pace of investment in it. We are as committed to our media products and partners as we’ve ever been. And the name ‘Intent Media’ will still exist – it’s what we’ll be calling the advertising products offered by Intent.

Shorter name, bigger ambitions!  A warm thank you to our partners for their commitment and for working with us as we identify even more applications for our Predictive Intelligence Platform. We are excited about this expansion of our mission, and we look forward to delivering even more value across travel and commerce.

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