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<intent> TargetA better way to optimize acquisition dollars

Acquire your best customers in real-time

Optimize retargeting and prospecting spend with a new layer of first-party data that predicts the value of users in real-time. Improve campaign efficiency by 20% or greater. Use our first-party audiences to optimize where you spend the most - Google and Facebook.

How you benefit from <intent> Target:

  • Find your most profitable users

    Take the guesswork out of retargeting by knowing who’s going to convert (and who isn’t) in real-time. Retarget users based on their value to your brand.

  • Eliminate wasted spend

    Spot inefficiencies in your budget by uncovering where dollars aren’t earning a return on investment. Adjust campaign bids to reduce spending on unprofitable users.

  • Get more out of prospecting

    Funnel savings from retargeting campaigns into prospecting. Evaluate audience purchases based on their value to improve conversion efforts.


  • Available to use in any channel where you acquire customers. Our machine learning uses your own first-party data to create audiences, making them fully compliant within even the strictest channel standards.

    Our partners use our audiences to improve acquisition in Google Ads for Search, Display, Hotel, and Shopping, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

Why choose <intent> Target?

  • Access predictive intelligence

    Our audiences show that campaigns aren’t fully optimized.

    Machine learning ensures better bidding decisions in real-time.

  • Complement existing systems

    Enhance the data platforms you already use with higher quality data.

    Layer in additional first-party data based on real-time predictions to extract even more value from these tools.

  • Proven

    See why our partners trust our machine learning to optimize their strategy.

    Let us prove why our audiences are more powerful than the ones you’re using today.

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