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The PlatformThe most powerful machine-learning platform in digital business

Predictive Intelligence Platform

Our machine learning platform processes real-time and historical data to predict user intent on billions of pages per month.

  • Unbeatable Accuracy

    Models benefit from 1000s of experiments across a massive global network of ecommerce brands.

  • Best-In-Class Infrastructure

    Predictions and scores are built on cutting-edge infrastructure optimized for accuracy and speed.

  • Proven and Trusted

    Retailers form long-term partnerships with us to better attract, serve, and monetize users.

Diverse Partnerships

Our 450+ partners come from more than 40 countries, speak over 70 languages, and represent omnichannel and DTC retailers, online travel agencies, content sites, search engines, metasearch, suppliers, and more. We support brands of all sizes from our offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

How it works

The Predictive Intelligence Platform predicts every user’s likelihood to convert. We use those predictions to create targetable users segments and deliver the right experience to every user.

Receive your predictions in four easy steps:

  • Integrate

    Our integration process is simple, lightweight and durable. Be up and running in as little as three days without any extra development.

  • Build

    Once integrated, we build custom machine learning models. Fine-tuned over millions of experiments and over four billion unique user profiles, our models are accurate, fast and secure.

  • Predict

    Each model transforms thousands of data signals into actionable real-time predictions about conversions and other behaviors.

  • Deliver

    The predictions drive tailored user experiences, more efficient traffic acquisition, and greater profit for retailers.

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