Personalization in travel – opportunities, challenges, and attitudes

81% of respondents say providing personalized experiences to customers is very important, but many in travel believe the industry is woefully behind.

<intent> collaborated on exclusive research to deep dive into the opportunities, challenges, and attitudes being faced with personalization in travel. Download the white paper to get a glimpse of where travel companies are investing, struggling, and winning with personalization.

Free white paper: personalization in travel

Download the white paper to get a glimpse of where travel companies are investing, struggling, and winning with personalization. Discover how brands are harnessing their own data and using the real-time power of machine learning to stay competitive and better serve their users.

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Foreward from <intent> CEO and Founder, Richard Harris:

We are living at a particular moment when data is power. When access to and ownership of data is the key that unlocks economic power across travel and many other industries. All of us must understand that data is one of the most vital assets to our businesses.

We must also understand that our users hand data over to us in exchange for us delivering value to them. Our customers tell us about themselves, their preferences, their commercial intent, their plans. In exchange for sharing that with us, they expect us to reciprocate with what they value – an experience specifically relevant to them.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that digital ecommerce must be a two-way value exchange. We often focus on the transactional nature of customer interactions, and forget about the individual and their experience. Over time, though, value always flows to the best user experience. Only when you fully leverage your data can you determine and deliver the best, most personalized user experience (UX) in your market. And economic value will follow the best UX.

If data is economic power, companies that don’t fully leverage their own data assets are choosing a perilous path. It’s not just your direct competitors you should worry about (though the data message is spreading). The big 4 ‘datagopolists’ – Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon – have such massive data scale that enable them to compete directly with you, or at least be the gatekeeper-and toll-taker-between you and your customers.

At <intent>, we work with our partners to bring all of the tools of machine learning and data science to the core asset they own: their user data. We predict the intent and the value of every visitor, and then personalize a whole range of user experiences for them. All in real-time. The result is maximum customer relevance and revenue.

Are you making the most of your own data? Are you personalizing in all the ways you can be? Are you driving direct impact to your bottom line? Chances are you are not-and we can help.