Case StudyPobeda Airlines calls <intent> one of its most effective ancillaries

<intent> decisioning allows Pobeda to display flight and hotel media to the right users reducing cannibalization and growing media revenue by 15%

Pobeda Airlines is the youngest low-cost airline in Russia. Since the first plane took off on December 1, 2014, Pobeda knew that low-cost airlines would be in great demand in Russia. Pobeda is a top 5 Russian airline and has been ranked as a top 5 world’s best airline by Skyscanner.

Expanding the placement suite

After the success of initial testing, Pobeda embarked on a rapid rollout of <intent> Media placements tailored to the different users visiting their site. Sticking with a test-first approach, Pobeda identified the right mix of different ad types and including a low-risk hotel cross-sell throughout the buyer journey. The airline is an <intent> innovation partner, frequently testing new products and placements.

Smoliakova says, “Our partnership with <intent> allows us to incorporate media in new ways. We now provide hotel comparison ads at each touch point of the booking journey. We are confident with each new placement launch given the meticulous testing <intent> completes.”

Continuing with a machine learning approach

As a result of the machine learning capabilities provided by <intent>, Pobeda has seen a 15% growth in its media revenue with little to no reduction in bookings.

“Our ancillary media revenue has become core to our incremental revenue as a whole,” says Smoliakova.

Pobeda continues to run multiple on and off-site placements, and is now testing placements for package offerings on <intent> remains Pobeda’s preferred strategic ancillary revenue partner.

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