Product suite

We have built a suite of products on top of our Predictive Intelligence Platform.
Work with us to uncover unique insights into user behavior and value,
make traffic acquisition more efficient, and improve revenue-per-user.

Intent Insights

See your traffic in a whole new way. In as little as two weeks, get a custom visualization of your traffic’s value and its distribution. Use these insights to better determine how to acquire, and serve your users.
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Intent Media

Unlock new profits from users who are comparison shopping with ad placements that perform 30X better than traditional travel display ads. Machine learning determines who should see which ad units when.

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Intent Target

Spot inefficiencies in your ad spend. Optimize your retargeting campaigns with an additional layer of user data. Allocate your budget more effectively and double ROI.

Intent Personalize

Personalize on-page user experience with more sophisticated A/B testing. Identify which elements to test, analyze historical data, and double conversion rates.

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