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<intent> DecisionRun on-site ads without jeopardizing sales

Safely maximize profit from on-site ads

On-site advertising is a powerful secondary revenue stream, but without an intelligence layer to decide when ads are shown, you’ll increase cannibalization and lower profitability. Use machine learning to determine when and where ads are shown to safely maximize profit.

Protect your most valuable customers while delivering better ads

  • Protect your brand while serving ads

    Decide in real-time who should and shouldn't see an ad, which ad is most relevant, and what is the best location for it. Ensure your partners only deliver ads when safe.

  • Safely maximize profit

    Drive more revenue and profitability by leveraging audience intent. Yield higher ad engagement, increase revenue per user, and reduce cannibalization.

  • Show ads to the users who want them

    Improve profit while creating a customer-centric experience. Protect loyalists and those ready to purchase.

On-site Advertising

Our machine learning uses your own first-party data to enhance the ads delivered by your ad-serving partners. Our technology is agnostic to all ad types and platforms.

  • Link-in sponsored products

  • Link-out sponsored products

  • Display banners

  • Video Ads

  • Text links

  • Branded page takeovers

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