“Retailers: You’re The Next Media Moguls,” says Forrester Report

The trend of serving media on your travel or commerce site is not leaving anytime soon. Forrester speaks to this hot topic in a recently published report, “Retailers: You’re The Next Media Moguls”.

Consumers expectations are the driving force behind this progression. As such, the trend can’t be ignored. Travel and commerce need to start thinking about their businesses differently and put their users and user experience center stage.

Access the full report here.

“By serving onsite ads to their customers at relevant moments, digital business professionals and commerce companies deliver a superior customer experience while also cultivating a rapidly growing new revenue stream with healthy margins. Over time, we expect these types of ads to be more prominent…” Forrester

Our CEO, Richard Harris, has spoken about this topic at various events and conferences. In the video below he provides his own spin on the commerce and search story. Particularly speaking to the need for companies to harness their data in order to intelligently serve users with the right media.

At <intent>, we believe if commerce companies should serve their users by providing them with the search information they demand. This way, they can keep traffic within the industry and away from search sites. It will also reduce costs and drive higher ROI.

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