Bloomberg agrees: Station-wagon vacations are leading recovery of the travel industry

We were pleased to see a recent article by Bloomberg News about the recovery of the travel industry. It’s a good piece full of good news. And we agree with it all …. except for one word.

Bloomberg reported June 7 that “antsy city dwellers seeking to escape their Covid-19 refuges are road-tripping to nearby vacation rentals in surprisingly strong numbers, showing the first signs of life for an industry that essentially ground to a halt in March.”

That’s a perfect summary of what we’re seeing as well … except for the use of the word “surprisingly.”

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know there’s nothing surprising about this at all. We’ve been predicting just exactly this since the COVID-19 crisis began. We even gave the phenomenon the name “station-wagon vacations” and predicted that hotels near national parks and similar family-friendly destinations would be early beneficiaries. We were right about that too.

So read the Bloomberg article. It’s well-written and has a few interesting data points, most notably that the station-wagon vacation is a global phenomenon. But when you come to phrases in the article like “the unexpected speed of the comeback,” do feel free to roll your eyes.

After that you’ll want to come back here and read about what we’re predicting is the next stage of recovery for the travel industry: the phenomenon we call get-a-meeting-with-the-client travel, in which the pent-up demand for business travel is unleashed as road warriors seek to close deals for troubled companies before it’s too late.