We truly believe in the power of intentions. After all, every action starts with an intention. When we share an intention with others, we make ourselves feel more accountable for the mission we want to complete. When you know what your intention is AND you can state it to others, then you are more likely to make the initiative to make your aspiration come true.

Social media and social connections have the power to change our lives. Statistical research shows that a person with a happy friend is 15% more likely to be happy; a person with a happy friend of a friend is 10% more likely to be happy, and a person with a happy friend of a friend of a friend is 6% more likely to be happy.

Here at intent.com, everyone in the community is interested in achieving their positive intentions — whether it is to run a marathon or to help end world hunger. And what better way to find the inspiration to make your dreams a reality than to connect with other people who are interested in sharing their positive intentions?

As a community member of intent.com, you can:

  • Share your intents with other community members.
  • Receive support and comments on your intents.
  • Show your support for other people’s intents.
  • Adopt other people’s intents that you can relate to
  • Sync your account with Twitter and Facebook so that your intents are automatically shared with your Twitter and Facebook friends.
  • Reaffirm you intents everyday so you stay on top of your goals.
  • Track the intents that you completed or accomplished.
  • Add an inspirational or informational photo to your intent.

Intents come from your soul – they are who and what we aspire for in our life. Intentions reflect ones purpose, what gives us meaning or significance. Intentions come from a place of mindfulness, of knowing what will give us happiness and peace. An intent is any goal you plan on accomplishing to achieve that happiness and peace.

Simply start with the phrase “I intend to” and fill in the rest with what your heart wants most. At first, start with the simple things like completing your list of housework, or getting out to exercise. The more you practice, the more in tune you’ll be with your inner self and figure out what it is your soul is saying. I intend to love more. I intend to let go of this regret.

The idea behind Intent.com was to give people a place to be held account for the intents that they set. By posting them here, it encourages you to not only put more effort in to reaching that intent, but also provides support from other users. Comment and support other intents and even adopt intents from other users as your own. You can then feel great when you complete your intent and can click “Fulfilled.”

Accounts are 100% free. You just need to register with your email address here or you can sign in using your Facebook account.

Sometimes fulfilling an intent takes time. When you affirm your intent you are recommitting yourself to working towards fulfilling it.

Yes! And we highly encourage it. Once you’ve set your intent, you will see the update button below it. Use that to tell us how you are progressing towards fulfilling your intent or ask the supporters of your intent for help if you’re stuck.

If you see an intent that you like and want to encourage that person to continue with their progress, you can support their intent! It’s similar to liking a status on Facebook, except when you go to your profile you can see all the intents you have supported so you can easily check back in on them.

If you like an intent so much that you want to fulfill it yourself, you can adopt it. That intent now becomes yours as well and you can continue to affirm and update it as an intent you set yourself.

Yes! Absolutely. You can share your intents and others that you really like via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Simply click on the intent, share and then whatever platform where you wish to post it.

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Sometimes the context of an intent requires more than a few words posted on your feed. On the blog (link) we share articles that will help inspire you to fulfill your intent with tips on how to de-stress, be more open, increase wellness, etc. We also have guest blogs from Intent users sharing their experiences as they fulfill their intents – whether they’ve had a major victory or describe how they overcame an unexpected hurdle.

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